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Meet Our Founder

Welcome to Million Miles Travel Agency!

I am so glad that you are reading about my agency. I created Million Miles Travel Agency because I wanted to create amazing experiences for travelers that went above and beyond a regular vacation.

Travel goes beyond just booking flights and hotels; it is about really getting to know the destination. That means I am very thoughtful about every property my advisors and I recommend.

I believe in experiencing the travel before making a recommending, it is about being on a first name basis with those that can help you while in destination.

You can be confident that every itinerary planned is unique and designed so you see what you want to see when you want to see it, how you want to see it.

P.S. I encourage you to join my Facebook Group page, Travel Tastemakers. This is area for travelers to share news, photos, and trip ideas.

Our Experience Creators

Our Experience Creators specialize in learning about you and creating an experience that will have you singing from the mountaintops. Our Experience Creators personally educate themselves about the properties they sell by intensive classroom and hands on, in person visits.

Alyse Lafferty


Solo Travels, Korea, Japan, and China Travels, Millennial and Gen Z Travels

Kisha Manley


Group Travel, Cultural and Historical Tours, and Special Needs Travel,

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Administrative Staff

Our well oiled machine works only through the help of our administrative staff.

Suzette DiCeccio, Virtual Assistant

Rummy, Assistant Distraction Officer