Meet The Founder: Tammy O’Hara

Welcome to Million Miles Travel Agency!

I am so glad that you are reading about my agency. Million Miles Travel Agency began because I wanted to create amazing experiences for travelers. I wanted those experiences to go above and beyond what you have had before. Because that is the type of travel that you deserve.

How did I get here?

I frequently traveled between Jamaica and the United States when I was young. However, my first introduction to leisure travel was a short cruise to the Bahamas and Key West during college spring break.

My friend and I spent almost the entirety of our time at the cruise ports on the hunt for the best food. In Key West we found chocolate covered key lime pie and in Nassau, we found the best conch fritters (sampling conch fritters was a sacrifice that I was willing to make).

That cruise began my obsession with travel and making food a central part of my travels. As I grew up and traveled I believe I unlocked the key to excellent travel experiences. It is about the destinations, the food, and most importantly it is about relationships.

What Million Miles Travel Agency Is About?

Travel goes beyond just booking flights and hotels; it is about really getting to know the destination. That means I am very thoughtful about every property my advisors and I recommend. I am passionate about providing the very best travel experience and it makes me feel great when my clients enjoy their trip.

Creating the best experience is about being on a first name basis with the people that can help you when you are traveling, it is about experiencing firsthand the destination, and it is about investing in continued education as an advisor.

You can be sure that my philosophy is all about creating and providing excellence.

You can be confident that every itinerary planned is unique and designed so you see what you want to see, when you want to see it, how you want to see it.

P.S. I encourage you to join my Facebook Group page, Travel Tastemakers. This is area for travelers to share news, photos, and trip ideas.

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