Million Miles Travel Agency is a Brooklyn travel agency that offers professional, world-wide travel experiences designed specifically for your travel style.

Our travel advisors lead by Tammy O’Hara, who herself is based in Brooklyn, New York, have extensive knowledge in the travel industry. That knowledge is supplemented by years of personal travel, travel planning education, and planning experience. Our advisors specialize in leisure travel, destination weddings, honeymoons, group travel and corporate and non-profit groups and incentives. As a result you will receive a travel planner that provide you all the support you need.

The goal of our company is to give you travel experience carefully tailored to your travel style, while leveraging our relationships with our worldwide travel partners to provide luxury travel experiences to destinations around the world.

When you work with Million Miles Travel Agency or one of its home based advisors you will always be taken care of from start to finish.

Our Travel Team

In addition to our in-house team, we also have a team of home based travel advisors. These advisors are all experts in their field of travel with years of knowledge. Interested in becoming a home based travel advisor? Learn more by going to our Careers section.

A Proud Member of the Following Organizations

Million Miles Travel Agency is sensitive to the needs of our clients while recommending destinations. Therefore, our goal is to always choose destinations that are respectful of all travelers regardless of race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. Our standard of service is of nondiscrimination, inclusion, and service without prejudice. We hold my suppliers to the same high standards that we hold myself. Therefore you can expect the same respect from our suppliers that we provide.

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