Whether your group is big or small, we can create a travel solution that matches your business or nonprofit.

Continuing Education/Seminars At Sea

Has your class or educational service gone stale? Are you looking to spice up your curriculum by moving outside the four corners of a boring classroom? Do you want to increase your revenue potential with a new and exciting offering to your students? If you answered, yes to any of the questions, then it might be time to take your class on a cruise! We will help you recreate your program at sea. You can invite your students AND their families to sail away with you. Your students will love it because they get to have the same class but in a fun, new atmosphere and they will get to enjoy the rest of the day with their families and friends. You will love it because you will open up a new revenue generating avenue by offering the product not only to your students but to their families. Your seminar will be completely stress free. You gather your instructors and let me take care of all the other details for you. We will select a cruise that works with your group, we will coordinate all required meeting spaces, and we will make sure this seminar at sea is fun for the entire family.  You will have a satisfied class base that will want to sail with you all the time and will tell everyone about the great time they had. What can be better for your business than free advertising?

Foodie Getaways

The best part about traveling is food and spirits. As a restauranteur or spirits distributor you recognize that your patrons may wish to explore the world to learn more about the food or drinks that they enjoy at your establishment. There is an opportunity to create mega fans of your business by traveling with them to different destinations to learn more about the food you serve. No matter the cuisine or beverage we can create a custom travel itinerary for you. By working with us, We will put together a custom itinerary designed to delight your patrons. You can serve as a de facto guide or just come along for the fun. The overall effect is that you will build a more loyal fan base and this can be a highly anticipated yearly event.

Retreats and Conferences

Whether you are planning a retreat for your employees or your followers, you need a dedicated travel advisor working with you to pull it off. You already have so much to think about, you need someone taking care of the rest. 

As your travel advisor, we will plan a seamless itinerary for your retreat taking into account your business goals. If you need meeting rooms, no problem, we will arrange everything that you need so you can have a successful retreat. 

We will serve as your onsite host to greet all of the attendees and troubleshoot for you, so you can continue your retreat without interruption. 


As a 501(3)(c) organization donations are the lifeblood that keeps your organization running. However, the ways to get donations flowing may not be inspiring to your donors which makes it difficult for you to reach your donation goals.

When you work with Million Miles Travel Agency, we will run your donor campaign using travel as the incentive.

From fundraising trips by land or sea to charity auction items, we will create the best packages for your group guaranteed to please potential donors and bring more revenue into the charity. 

Interested in learning more about, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced travel advisors to get started.

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