Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our travelers

What Is The Difference Between A Travel Agent and Travel Advisor?

Travel agents are order takers. They perform transactions that their customers request. They book a hotel, flight or rental car, much like the sort of simple bookings people handle themselves online.

Professional travel advisors provide expert advice to clients. They consider people’s leisure time as a precious investment and plan it accordingly.

They take their profession seriously and engage in continuing professional development through classroom education and hands on travel.

They look at travel planning as a collaborative effort with clients, where they help tailor an experience to the clients’ individual needs and wants.

The travel advisors at Million Miles Travel Agency are able to bring added value to our clients through the relationships we enjoy through our worldwide network. And, unlike online booking sites, we are there for clients if something goes wrong during the trip.

I Like To Plan My Own Travel, How Can You Help Me?

We definitely aren’t a fit for everyone. If you are a person that loves using Expedia and other online booking platforms and enjoys scoring a deal after scouring the internet for hours then we are probably not for you.

However this global pandemic as seen some of those same types of travelers start to appreciate the benefits of working with an advisor after they were left physically or financially stranded.

We strive to build relationships with our clients, it is the reason why we offer a complimentary consultation. Building this kind of relationship, where an advisor knows your preferences inside and out and can work with you to design your ideal vacation, isn’t possible with online booking sites.

From experience we know that vacation time is precious. Travel is an experience that enriches your life and sometimes your soul, it is not a commodity to be bought at the lowest price.

The value an advisor brings to the travel experience can’t be replicated online. That includes customizing a trip to your tastes, offering exclusive complimentary value-added amenities, and advocating for you should any issues arise along the way anywhere you are in the world.

Why Do You Charge Fees?

Our philosophy is travel should be an investment in an experience. As with any professional service we charge fees for our expertise and time.

How Do You Plan Travel Experiences?

Check out our “roadmap” that takes you from start to finish in the consulting, planning, booking, and travel process.

Can My Trip Itinerary Be Itemized?

Each vacation itinerary will be invoiced as an entire package, inclusive of all components we have agreed upon. Supplier contracts are often confidential and do not permit us to provide itemized pricing. If you wish to amend your itinerary, we will reprice your total trip cost.

I Started To Plan My Experience To X Destination And Now I Want To Plan My Experience To Y Destination?

Since the work we do involves custom trip planning, the time spent on your trip is uniquely yours. Starting from scratch is absolutely possible, but will require another trip planning fee. Minor adjustments to the itinerary may not incur a fee.

Do You Recommend Trip Insurance?

Travel insurance for all trips is HIGHLY recommended. Some guided or semi-guided tours require a minimum amount of travel insurance. We will advise you if that is the case.

After you have submitted a trip deposit we will provide you with a quote. You are welcome to research other policies as well.

What Is The Best Way To Communicate With My Advisor?

During the planning process, email communication is best. This allows us to keep track of anything that is discussed. Each client receives an email file where all communications are saved and referred to for later purposes.

All emails will be answered within two business days. If you prefer a phone call you may schedule it directly with the Million Miles Advisor.

While you are traveling, Million Miles During Travel staff will be available to you. You will be provided with a during travel hotline number if you need assistance. As time zones may make it difficult to answer immediately, we will also provide the contact information for our local partners which we recommend you reach out to first to help with any issues that may arise. 

What Type Of Clients Work With Million Miles Travel Agency?

Our clients are busy professionals who understand that their time and vacation is worth an investment. Your free time and especially your vacation time is valuable to you. You relish the opportunity to take travel planning off your plate so that you can enjoy the opportunity to make an escape to relax, explore, and make memories

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