Our exclusive group trips are planned to perfection with a high level of detail. Perfect for solo travelers and small groups. Come join us.

Why Choose Our Exclusive Group Trips?

The most frustrating part of organizing a group trip is to get commitment from your friends and/or family to a specific itinerary or dates. It’s not fun to try to plan a group trip but then to see it all fall apart due to lack of interest.

Now you don’t have to wait! All you need to do is join us on one of our perfectly planned getaways. You can enjoy great food, unique destinations, and new friends.

We invite you to learn more about our Exclusive Group Trips and what you can enjoy when you participate.

What To Expect From Our Trips

  • Upgraded Hotel Experiences (don’t settle for less, your accommodations will always be 4.5-5 stars)
  • Small groups (you will not get lost in the crowd, our groups are limited in size for a more exclusive experience)
  • Exclusive experiences (concerts, private activities, etc.)
  • Group bonding experiences (you will not feel lonely when you travel with us)
  • Upgraded Goody Bags (themed perks and other fun items)
  • Experiences authentic to the destination (we don’t believe in tourist traps)

We believe in creating amazing experiences while adding value, unique touches, and exclusivity to each itinerary.

Upcoming 2021/2022 Exclusive Group Trips

Interested in creating a private group getaway for your family and friends? Learn about our process and book a consultation. We specialize in creating just for you bachelor and bachelorette trips, birthday getaways, and family reunion getaways.

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